Should You Purchase A New Home Or An Old One?

The housing market is a funny one. Recently, my wife and I were out looking at houses and trying to determine if we should purchase a new home or something that has been around for several years. As we talked about new construction homes for sale and other options we had these thoughts.

Can design a new home

new construction homes for sale

One of the best things about new construction is we can design our home. We can decide where the bedrooms will be, how big they are, what kind of walk in closet we want and if one or two bathrooms is good. It was our vision of a house.

The benefits of buying a new home

New homes have all new appliances which means they come with manufacturer warranty protection. This gives us the peace of mind that our brand new washer and dryer, range, refrigerator which we have purchased should last as long as the house.

New construction is less expensive than existing homes for sale in the neighboring communities. This can save you thousands of dollars to update your home with a better flooring, siding or even double the size of your master bedroom.

New homes have no bad history and we don’t know what the prior owner did. Maybe he was a messy dude who left his clothes by the bed or maybe she smoked cigarettes in the house, which would make us want to get rid of all the carpeting.

The negative with new construction

When you purchase a new home, you are buying someone else’s dream. The kitchen they wanted, the way they wanted their fireplace to work and what kind of tiling went in the master bathroom.

If you purchase a home that is new construction, it will have just as much as risk as other houses on the market. You never know if the house is sitting on a bad foundation or was improperly built.